A 24-karat gold, semi-precious syphon brewer

The new Royal Coffee Maker, from Royal Paris, is possibly the world's most extravagant coffee maker. Handcrafted in 24-karat gold or silver, using crystal and semi-precious stone, it retails between $15,500 and $24.000.

Only eight bespoke Royal Coffee Makers are produced by hand each month, with each numbered machine taking more than 50 hours of painstaking workmanship.

French artist Jean-Luc Rieutort brings to life the exceptional craftsmanship more commonly seen in fine jewellery to the Royal Coffee Maker

Working alongside a team of skilled sculptors, metallurgists and engineers, he has recreated the historic balancing syphon used by royalty in the 1800s.

Turning the art of brewing coffee into a ceremony, ground coffee is first placed in the fine Baccarat crystal carafe, hot water poured into the boiler pot and the Baccarat burner vase, lit. Next, the fully automated system allows heat, steam and gravity to brew the coffee in the crystal vase.

How does the coffee taste?

Simply put – it’s coffee for kings. Brewed at the perfect temperature with no artificial filters, and no place for the aromatic oils to escape, the resulting brew is crystal clear with unrivalled aroma and flavour.

It is the only coffee maker that allows for customised coffee or tea with the ability to add liqueurs and spices before the brew.

A bespoke, customisable coffee maker

And as the world’s first bespoke coffee maker – it can be personalised too. Choose from 24-karat gold, copper or silver options, and a semi-precious black obsidian, azurite or malachite base, with or without your engraved initials, company name, or family crest.

“It’s taken us more than three years of research and development to produce this entirely unique coffee maker,” says Maria Tindemans from Royal Paris. “This luxury coffee machine is an elegant echo of the opulent age of salon coffees when only the best coffee was reserved for the rich and famous. And unlike today’s modern coffee machines, a Royal leaves nothing to chance. Every minute process is an exact science and every coffee made is unlike anything you’ll ever taste.”

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Editor’s Notes

  • Syphon coffee brewers were first seen in the 1850s when the King of Hungary wowed his guests with one during a Royal banquet.
  • Maria Tindemans was inspired to bring back the historic syphon coffee makers in the early 1990s and after three years of painstaking research, and in collaboration with artist Jean-Luc Rieutort; Royal Paris is the only company in the world producing this exquisite coffee maker.
  • Parisian artist Rieutort is one of few artists who spends this much time on a commercially available, working, object d’art. He attended the Visual Arts School (L’ecole the Boulle) in Paris and is a specialist in design, carving and chiseling. He has won many top prizes in Paris, in the “art of chiseling” competitions.
  • Assembled with precision, the machine is built to amaze and works like a Swiss watch. 
  • All parts of the Royal Coffee Maker are hand-made, assembled, carved and decorated one piece at a time. The custom chiseling takes countless hours.
  • Parts like the gargoyle spigot, fish key, counter weight, oak leaves and finials are made by casting using the lost wax method. There upon the artist chisels the details into the individual pieces. More than five hours are spent on the unique ‘chasing dolphins’ closing system alone. 
  • Entirely self contained and portable, the Royal Coffee Maker can be used anywhere, from an exquisite dinner to a summer garden party.
  • Each Royal Coffee Maker set comes with a matching custom made coffee scoop.
  • Retailing between:
    • £9,000 and £15,000
    • $10,000 and $18,000
    • €9,500 and €17,000

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